Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gotta Keep Reading!

So some of you might be tired of this song at this point, but, as you know, I could listen to it all day (and I think a number of you would join me)!

Please listen again and post the response you wrote.

gotta keep reading

Anyone have any ideas of something we could do that could energize our school to read more?


  1. After watching Gotta Keep Reading I feel that it was very exciting to watch and it makes you want to read. I think that it is cool that someone can take something simple like reading and put it into a real tune and make up new words.
    I feel that the song Gotta Keep Reading encouraged kids to read. I also liked how they talked about all the different kinds of genres and what some books were about.
    I also thought that since the whole school got involved in the song it got all of the viewers excited.

  2. We just watched gotta keep reading by a high school in California. I like this clip because it mixes two opposites. Reading and technology. They also include choreography which I think the students made up. Another reason is that most students were holding books but some were playing instruments. Finally I like how the singers sung like the real Black eyed peas. As you can see, I love this clip!

  3. I think Ocoee was brave to do it on camera and share it with people. The students who played and sang Gotta Keep Reading sounds so perfect I don’t think they messed up. They all worked perfectly while dancing. This sounded like a big and long harmony with dance too. The kids were trying to say that books are good and TV is not like an adventure of a book. The school found a way to give that message. I think that this Middle school was brave, creative ,and smart. HC

  4. I thought that this song is so inspiring and it makes me want to read so much. I also thought that the main singer had an amazing voice. That song is so inspiring. I’d say even if you don’t like reading this song is amazing. The whole time my heart and head just kept thinking about reading. I totally wish that our school could do something like that and inspire other people to do good things, they are so right, when I wrote my piece about reading those are the same things that popped into my mind. Also this son combines 2 of my favorite things, singing and music and reading. MM

  5. I think that the Ocoee Middle School did a fantastic job on this song. I can only imagine what kind of effort and much practice it must have required to perform in this video as well as they did. They got every student to participate and I am guessing that they all had fun. Considering that it is sometimes difficult to get five people doing the same thing, it must be so hard to a whole, big middle school to do that. After hearing this song, I want to curl up and read a good book. This song makes me feel warm on the inside, and I feel so much appreciation for the students and teachers of Ocoee Middle School. They did such an amazing job.


  6. I only liked the song.
    I didn’t like there dancing it looked really freaky to me.
    I like the regular version better than this one.
    It keeps saying the same thing.
    I got really bored after twice.
    It was okay just not my type of music.
    I thought the principal was crazy, hyper, and young.

  7. I thought that Ocoee Middle School was very, very creative and smart when they changed the lyrics of I Got a Feeling to Gotta Keep Reading. They wee particularly clever with the enumerating of the genres.
    They were very good at choreographing the dance! I really liked how the dancing kind of started small and slowly surged into the huge crowd. It started with the principal and then a group of kids, then a crowd, then the whole school. I really liked how they had all these books in their hands when they did it, too. Except one kid had his book upside down (now I realize it wasn't).
    I thought the tan girl who sang it was extraordinarily great at singing and I think she should pursue singing.

  8. After I watched the video, I thought all the students were really brave to participate. I also thought that whoever came up with the idea of promoting reading using a popular song, was a genius. I wanted to pick up a book right away. To me, I think that school shouldn’t be the same as always. I think Ocoee Middle School was creative because not everyone goes to school and makes a youtube. That video has inspired me to try a cool project like that. I thought the video was a great idea. BI

  9. I really liked this video because I think it’s cool that they took a song and made the lyrics about reading. Everyone knows the song and most people like reading so it makes it catchy and makes you want to sing along. I love this video because it’s unique. I think that it was a great idea to make a song about reading because reading is such a good thing to do. I think this video also encourages kids that dislike reading to start liking it. This video makes you want to open a book and start reading. A book can take you out of reality and into a totally different place. You can be feeling the emotions of the character. I think this video went really smoothly and was very special.

  10. I thought the dancing looked fluent enough that it looked like they just started dancing to the song with out practicing a lot. I think they could have looked like they were reading. I think they weren’t reading because one guy had his book upside down. I think the singers sound great after a lot of practice. I have seen a flash mob where the people started dancing at different times, this reminded me of that. The people who changed the song were probably creative because it sounds like a real song. Eli

  11. Have you ever heard the song Gotta Keep Reading? Well if you haven’t heard/ seen in a while, her are a few good reasons why you should see it again or see it.
    One reason why you should watch it is because it’s a song that sticks in your head and it encourages you to read. It also tells you many different genres that books have, like adventure, mystery action, and drama. This song also tells you to never judge a book by its cover. Gotta Keep Reading makes you want to know if an author is making more books that are in the series or if there are any other books that the author has written. This song says to stop watching the television and make your own mental thoughts and pictures of what you think the caricatures look like. In conclusion this song is not only catchy; it’s also a very good influence to reading. KB

  12. Nick your comment is confusing. You say you like the song then close to the end of your comment you say it isn't your type of music. So which is it do you like the song or not. Eli

  13. Dear FC,
    This song takes place in Ocoee, Florida not in California. That's why they say "come on Sunshine state" in the song. KB

  14. I think that they are inspiring to not just me but to most everybody. I loved it SO MUCH!!!!! They did such a great job. They did a great thing to me because it makes me want to read when I listen to it. It was great because they all had books in there hands and encouraging every body to read and have fun. I didn’t really like reading entail I herd this because it was so fun to watch and it was so encouraging. JB

  15. I thought that they were amazing when they used fiction and nonfiction. Plus they used one song and it too amazing writing for that song. Also it was catchy I danced to it. ac

  16. Dear jb i totally agree to that. They did do a good job and it is fun to watch from ac

  17. FC, I 100% agree with you it is great and they sung just like the Black Eyed Peas. JB

  18. Dear GJ,
    I thought that your piece was extremely nice. I bet that Ocoee middle school must have put a lot of hard work and effort into that video too. I think that you wrote a really nice piece and I bet that they would really appreciate you if you told them that. Keep up the great enthusiasm.


  19. I think poetry is a great way to express your feelings. When I went to Cal. on winter break, my dad held a haiku contest everyday. Haiku is a kind of poetry that has five syllables in the first and last line, and seven in the middle. The contest was really fun, and it made me look closer at my surroundings. I also like writing rhyming poems because I like experimenting with words. I hope that at the end of this unit I will have learned to write all kinds of poetry.

  20. I really don’t like gota keep reading. I think they did put a lot of effort in to the video though. It also got really annoying after the third time I heard the song. Reading is not my favorite thing to do either. I’ve gota feeling I also hate that song because its annoying too. Its mostly because the song is really annoying that I don’t like this song. CM

  21. I think its awesome because I love the tune of the song I love the song and the original one. It’s amazing how you they can fit reading words into a song that is really funky and smooth. I also like how all the kids were doing the same thing as each other. The lyrics really fit the tune of the song. There is also a message in the song. The song is really about just read and don’t stop. I feel after listing to the song twice I want to read +2 now! I really love that song.TD