Thursday, March 24, 2011


The definition of noise is -- sound, especially of a loud, harsh, or confused kind: deafening noises.

Noise Poems are an entirely different experience!

It has been a treat to watch these creations be spun and to hear them read by their authors.

Please post your noise poems.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

We Wish

In the book, Wishes, Lies and Dreams, Kenneth Koch goes into a NYC public school and works with students writing poetry. We are using some of the ideas in this book to help us get started writing our own poetry.

This was our first attempt at a group poem. There were a few requirements –
• to start with the words I wish
• to include an animal, a place and a color.

We Wish…..

I wish that I could be as fast as a cheetah. I would run through the fields of Africa and see all the green grass, and see only the green grass.
I wish I knew where to find a yellow iguana that someone told me only lives in Vermont.
I wish that someday, I will be dribbling down a court in North Carolina, as one of UConn’s gray Huskies.
I wish to walk under the flaming yellow sun and feel the rays beating down on my face. I wish to dig my toes in the wet morning grass in the meadow. I wish to watch the colored birds swoop across the canopy of the jungle.
I wish that I could go to China and see the Great Wall with my family. The flag is red, and I want to see a tiger.
I wish I were a pro snowboarder who lived up in the white mountains of Colorado where there are a lot of deer.
I wish that I could be a purple fairy who lived in Monkton and had a dog named Samoa to eat cookies with.
I wish I could be a blue penguin in the Arctic.
I wish that I could wake up in my room to find a werewolf transform into a beautiful, tan human being.
I wish I was a sunlight yellow leaf slowly gliding toward the ground watching squirrels harvesting their nuts.
I wish my games were cool and not dull. One game is cool but it’s about blue piranhas and not dying.
I wish I was a dancing blue peacock strutting my tail in the winds of the zoo being followed by “wows!!!”
I wish that the white snow would melt in Monkton so I could walk my dog.
I wish I could be a flying green leprechaun flying with gold across the rainbow.
I wish that there would be fluorescent yellow monkeys jumping all over New York City.
I wish at my house my golden dog wouldn’t be annoying to my friends.
I wish I could fly on a bird to Vermont, the green mountain state.
I wish I could go a cruise trip to Hawaii and spot stingrays in the turquoise water from the deck of the boat.
I wish I could have $100,000,000 of cold crisp green cash to throw up in the air of my mansion with a Saint Bernard named Buddy.
I wish I could go to Canada to a zoo to see silver seals.
I wish that my school mascot was always the mountain lion, and my school would always be seafoam green. I wish that Monkton Central was K-12 and I never had to leave.

Please post your individual I Wish poems.
Feel free to make constructive comments on your peer's work!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First Favorite

After perusing the many books of poetry we have available, please share a poem that "spoke" to you.

  • Please type the poem, giving the author credit.
  • Let us know what made you chose this particular poem.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day off Challenge

Anyone out there?

I mentioned the other day that on days that we are off, I would try to post.

Your challenge today is to write a short story in only 100 words. An entire story with a beginning, middle and end. It's called a short short strory.

No other rules, just 100 words. Oh, and have fun!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

As we Begin Poetry. . .

As we begin our time reading and writing poetry, I would love to hear your thoughts before we start. It will be fun to see if anything changes over the next couple of months.

So what I would like you to write about today are your present thoughts on poetry. What does poetry mean to you? What has your experience with poetry been to date? What do you enjoy and/or find frustrating about poetry? What do you hope to get out of our study of poetry?

Here's your opportunity to tell us all what you think!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gotta Keep Reading!

So some of you might be tired of this song at this point, but, as you know, I could listen to it all day (and I think a number of you would join me)!

Please listen again and post the response you wrote.

gotta keep reading

Anyone have any ideas of something we could do that could energize our school to read more?