Thursday, March 10, 2011

As we Begin Poetry. . .

As we begin our time reading and writing poetry, I would love to hear your thoughts before we start. It will be fun to see if anything changes over the next couple of months.

So what I would like you to write about today are your present thoughts on poetry. What does poetry mean to you? What has your experience with poetry been to date? What do you enjoy and/or find frustrating about poetry? What do you hope to get out of our study of poetry?

Here's your opportunity to tell us all what you think!


  1. Poetry to me means words, Beautiful words strewn across a page forming a beautiful poem. Amazing and solid. My Experience with poetry is fair. Knowing a lot, but not having everything you need to know. I still have lots to learn. Poetry is like reading, it can be fictional or just plain beautiful. I hope I will learn how to use poetry to do things like express my feelings or let people now I care, I think that with Ms. Carters help, I could really grow to like poetry. MM

  2. I don’t really like poetry. I have written poetry since I was in second grade. I haven’t learned about poetry since second grade. To me poetry means rhyming but I forget if all poetry has to do with rhymes. I hope I will like poetry more than I do now because I want to do poetry but I don’t know how to and I don’t like poetry very much. Eli

  3. I like writing poetry. One reason I like writing poetry is there are so many different styles of poetry. Another reason I like poetry is you can write in any style you want. Finally, I like poetry because you can pick any topic you want. As you can see, I like poetry.


  4. I think poetry is a great way to express your feelings. When I went to Cal. on winter break, my dad held a haiku contest everyday. Haiku is a kind of poetry that has five syllables in the first and last line, and seven in the middle. The contest was really fun, and it made me look closer at my surroundings. I also like writing rhyming poems because I like experimenting with words. I hope that at the end of this unit I will have learned to write all kinds of poetry.

  5. I like poetry and I have done it since second grade. It always is a blast for me. I have done a lot of poetry. I like to write about animals and my life things. I hope I get to be able to write poems deeper and better. Poems are a blast to me. I like that I can write about anything you want.

  6. Poetry

    I don’t like poetry because I don’t like writing and poetry feels really boring to me. My experience with poetry isn’t very good because the last time I wrote poetry was in second grade and I don’t remember liking it then either. To me poetry means rhyming words and writing them down on a piece of paper. As you can see I do not like poetry very much. MW

  7. Poetry is not my forte. I honestly wish that I could write amazing poems, but it seems whenever I try, I drag out the poem making it tedious and not interesting. I like to read poems that really make you think, or just crack you up. The problem is that I just can’t write them. I hope that by the end of this unit I will have become a better poet. I hope that I will have written a poem that is something to be proud of – similar to the kind that I like to read that can make somebody laugh, or at least smile. Hopefully that can be done, but it will definitely be challenging.


  8. When I think of poetry I think of fun and rhyming words. Well my experience with poetry is that I’ve well I can’t remember but I thing I have been learning it since second grade. Umm well I feel like poetry is fun and entertaining. I hope to have fun doing it and I think I will actually learn how to make poems that I have not already learned. I love poetry. JB

  9. Poetry to me is a lot of fun. There are lots of styles to choose from, acrostic, love, funny, happy, sad and many more. It’s a lot of fun because you get to express your feelings. I have so much experience from poetry. I have learned how to express my feelings without exploding in public. I feel really relaxed when doing a poem. I hope that when we are done with poetry I will be a better poetry writer and maker. TD

  10. Poetry is a way you can express your feelings. To me poetry is a tiny story with lots of detail. I like poetry because it can be anything I want it to be. This lesson I hope to learn different styles of poetry. I don’t love reading poems but I do love writing them. A poem to me is like a door to a new world.

  11. SW I feel the same way about poetry. whats your favorite kind of poetry? TD

  12. Poetry isn’t really my thing, but it’s probably my favorite thing in “language art” section. I have done a little poetry in the past, like haiku, rhyming poems, acrostic poems, and valentine poems. I hope we learn more poems with more complicated rules then other poems do. KB

  13. I'm not good at poetry. I don’t know how to do poetry .It’s kind of hard. all I know about poetry is acrostic and rhyming poems .I really want to learn more about poetry. But I’m not good at rhyming poem.

  14. the last one sent is mine Damon

  15. Poetry is something I like compared to how much I like reading. Poetry gives me a chance to express my feelings about a person, place, or thing. This gives me a chance to make people feel special, welcomed, and noticed. When I make them smile a warm feeling is felt inside. I hope I will become close to a writer of poetry. Poetry gives me a chance to make the poetry into music or songs. Well poetry is very special and can be very beautiful. Some people could agree with me and do agree with me. In 2/3 class or Mrs.Yerrick’s class 3 years ago we did a whole bunch of poems and typed them after Mrs. Yerrick reading them and of course us writing them. This is what I feel about poetry right now.HC

  16. Poetry means a little bit to me. We also don’t really use it that much. I like poetry cause you right what ever comes into your mind and if it makes sense. Poetry has never been hard for me and I thought the mushy love poems were easy though. Poetry doesn’t feel needed because it is never used to me. I like poetry though and I want to become a better writer by getting good a writing.

  17. I’m really glad to read how you feel about poetry. I like that we have a baseline. It will be interesting to see how you all feel about poetry and yourselves as poets in a few months.
    In SW's post she wrote; to me poetry is a tiny story with lots of detail.

    This made me think of a poem I’ve read many times by William Carlos Williams;

    Among the rain
    and lights
    I saw the figure 5
    in gold
    on a red
    to gong clangs
    siren howls
    and wheels rumbling
    through the dark city.

    I remember that the first time I read this poem, I was so fascinated that so few words could say so much. That’s one of the reasons I really enjoy poetry.

  18. I am not the biggest fan of poetry, but its okay. It really depends on the kind we're talking about here. I only like certain kinds and I'm most certainly not very talented at it. I like to give it tries in school though, but not usually.

  19. One of your posts reminded me of the poem I learned yesterday. I don't know who it's author is but I was at a singing rehearsal and we used these words to do a musical and rhythmic improvisation. It was really fun. Here's the poem:

    Icicles and water
    Old differences dissolved
    Drip down together

    ~ SS